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Thomas Kolster

Author, founder and creative director of Goodvertising Agency and WhereGoodGrows

Thomas Kolster is an experienced keynote speaker and the author of Goodvertising (Thames & Hudson 2012), which highlights how advertising can create value for both brands and the bottom line and do good for people and the planet at the same time. This movement, which is taking hold in marketing and communications and gaining pace every day, he dubs Goodvertising. 

Thomas is an enthusiastic and awarded creative director with more than 13 years experience working for a diverse range of clients from McDonalds all the way through to Amnesty International. He has worked for three prominent advertising agencies, most recently DDB, before founding the agency Inkognito and his most recent agency, The Goodvertising Agency. 

Thomas is also the founder of WhereGoodGrows; the world’s first best-practice collaborative platform that aims to share sustainable communication solutions to accelerate knowledge and ultimately do greater good for people, the planet and business. His belief is that the communication industry has a pivotal role to play in promoting a more sustainable mindset and behaviour, and that by making advertising better we can make the world better.