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Marketing to the Ageing Consumer

Dick Stroud, Kim Walker

DICK STROUD is author of The 50-Plus Market, a pioneering book about marketing to older consumers. He is the founder and MD of the marketing consultancy 20plus30, which works exclusively in understanding and targeting older consumers. Dick's early career was in IT, working for IBM and PA Management Consultants. His first book, Internet Strategies, was published by Palgrave Macmillan and became the leading textbook in digital business theory. In addition to consulting, Dick was a visiting lecturer at the London Business School.

KIM WALKER is the founder and CEO of Silver, a business consultancy that helps companies leverage the opportunities presented by the ageing demographic. An Australian by birth, Kim spent most of his early career in the advertising industry holding top management positions with global agencies in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and across the Asia-Pacific region from Singapore, where he is based. Silver is Kim's third pioneering venture. The first was a strategic planning consultancy in Japan, which he later sold to Aegis PLC. He is Founder & Chairman of Aprais, the global leader of B2B company performance evaluations