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James Murphy

JAMES MURPHY is the Editorial Director of Future Foundation. His team processes all the quantitative and qualitative intelligence which the company commissions from around the world.

James runs the Editorial Team. Editorial is responsible for creative ideas generation and quality control inside all nVision services. All the company’s quantitative and qualitative research is analysed by Editorial in order to check the progress of particular trends and to enhance the search for new trend propositions. Editorial’s output is delivered according to a strict style guide; clients deserve colour and clarity and so the commitment to visually and verbally rich delivery is paramount.

James is regularly invited to draft the content of the Future Foundation’s conference programmes, sensing the issues of greatest relevance to clients whatever the season. He too has his portfolio of clients in FMCG, food & drink and financial services and is a frequent behind-the-scenes contributor to specific ad hoc projects as they are won.

He has appeared as a commentator on the Today Programme, Start the Week and Newsnight. His articles have appeared in Market Leader, Brand Republic, Marketing and many other outlets. He is a member of the Society of Editors. He has been shortlisted for two writing awards : The Macallan and the Guardian’s Ben Pimlott.

Formerly, a cabinet member in the European Commission in Brussels, James was educated at the Universities of Glasgow, Oxford and London. He works in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.