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Daryl Travis

Daryl Travis is currently the CEO of Brandtrust.

Throughout his extensive career, Daryl has advised many of the largest and best brands in the world. His book, How Does It Make You Feel?: Why Emotion Wins the Battle of Brands (January 2014), explores what’s needed to create and sustain a great brand in today’s fragmented media world. The book is filled with stories that illuminate the secrets of consumer thinking in order to create powerful and lasting emotional connections with customers.

A colorful and engaging storyteller, Daryl speaks frequently on the power of insights and the critical need for marketers to change the way they think about how people think. He explains how research can lead us astray or help us to gain a competitive edge. "Most research discloses what happens," he says. "However, it often fails to reveal why it happens or the underlying emotional drivers that are critical in creating an effective strategy." Daryl's guiding mantra is The NINA Principle:—No Insight—No Advantage®.

Daryl is passionate about leveraging recent breakthroughs in the social sciences to improve the consumer research process, tapping into the deeper underlying emotions and nonconscious motivations critical to revealing insights.

He could be described as a professor, detective, journalist, anthropologist and writer all rolled into one. "We're all avid thinkers here," he's said of his team. "There's a genuine curiosity, a persistent desire to discover deeper insights that we all share in common."

Daryl and his wife Donnita extend his continuous learning passion as active members of Chicago's philanthropic community, volunteering time and resources to support education and literacy programs for underprivileged children throughout the city.

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