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Defending Your Brand


How Smart Companies use Defensive Strategy to Deal with Competitive Attacks

by Tim CalkinsPalgrave Macmillan / 304 pages / October 2012

Winner Marketing Book of the Year 2013


Defensive strategy is a brutal business; the objective is the drive competitors into the ground and make off with their ideas. It isn't pretty but a good defense can be very effective. Indeed, a good defense is far more important that a good offense. If you fail trying to grow, you will miss your objectives. If you fail defending your business, you can lose everything. Here Calkins shows business how to create and maintain a defensive strategy including: how to understand and get competitive intelligence; how to determine if your brand or company is at risk; how to create a defensive strategy; limiting risk and preventing a trial; understanding your own IP as a weapon - and much more. Every business leader needs to understand how to play defense and this book will teach leaders how to make sure their valuable brand is protected.

A practical guide to developing and implementing defensive strategy showing strategic and brand managers why defense is important for every business.

"It's a brutally competitive world out there. Tim Calkins outlines the weapons and strategies available to defend against the big guys, while exploring how and when to defend against a guerilla insurgency. Wear a flak jacket."
Andy England, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, MillerCoors.

"A well thought-out and articulated defense plan is not reactive, but rather a proactive strategy to protecting your business. Tim's principles and practices are for those exceptional managers who have both the courage and discipline to deliver against the non-negotiable of defending their brand . . . no matter what."
Richard H. Lenny, Former Chairman & CEO, The Hershey Company.


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