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The Big Lie


. . . or interpreting your global customer’s inner life for profit

by Christophe Jouan, Meabh Quoirin and James MurphyBalboa Press / 224 pages / August 2013

Winner Marketing Book of The Year 2014


The Big Lie is a route to help your business make better decisions

 Social conformities and conventions exercise a massive influence over how consumers talk - even to themselves - about their needs and dreams. Consumers need to feel good on two levels – and this leads to something we call the essential duality of really creative 21st century marketing and communications.

  • The Big Lie explains the paradoxes and contradictions which populate any surface reading of opinion research findings
  • The Big Lie is a route to economies: spending only what you need to spend in order to know only what you need to know
  • The Big Lie has practical strategic value
  • The Big Lie is a globally valid idea – proven in many international examples

We see success swelling for consumer-facing brands to the extent that they are able to speak to the social being and the private being, the projected self and the hidden me, without confusion or contradiction. The smart brand has to respect social norms but address the real feelings and needs which lie underneath. The book deals with many practical examples and applications of this reality.



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