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Why marketers should read more marketing books

Marketing is a human science. Marketing is about consumers, and consumers live in a dynamic environment. This means that consumers behave different in a different environment, in a different situation and in a different timeline.

This makes marketing so challenging and exciting: everytime again, marketers need to understand their consumer and optimize their product and their marketing mix.

That's why staying up to date on latest trends in marketing is so important. Fortunately, marketers don't need to keep going to school: marketing books are the perfect source of information. As well marketing profs as marketing practitioners take time and effort to put their thoughts, ideas and considerations on paper. Most marketing books are well illustrated with cases, examples and case studies.

Marketing books provide the best inspirational source for marketing vision, wisdom and knowledge.

EMM reviews marketing books and shares wisdom from marketing authors

In a quarterly digital magazine, EMM, Expert Marketer Magazine presents the best of the best that was published on marketing in marketing books. The magazine is organised around different chapters which represent popular marketing subjects such as branding, consumer behavior, innovation, marketing communications, marketing strategy, pricing, promotion and many others. 

Philip Kotler, Godfather of marketing, recommends EMM, Expert Marketer Magazine as follows:
"I read the magazine EMM and discovered some new marketing books that I hadn't known about. Reading about the ideas in these books proved very interesting. Marketing academics and practitioners would stay well-updated by reading EMM"

Ever considered how practical marketing books are? You can read them anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Digital evolutions have made it possible to take your library with you wherever you go. Inspiration from the greatest and hottest marketing minds is never far away.

Enjoy reading!

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