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Recent books on Marketing Communication

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We have three very different books on marketing communication in this Q1 issue of EMM.
But we are starting with a quote from Jonah Sachs’ bestseller Winning the Story Wars. With
consumers getting overwhelmed by information in this digital era, only brands that tell a true
story will survive. Jonah’s book is a terrific guide in developing your brand story.

Goodvertising - Thomas Kolster's recent book on marketing communication

The first book we are reviewing kind of follows up on Good Works from Kotler, Hessekiel and Lee which we reviewed in our previous issue. Goodvertising takes CSR as a starting point and searched and found campaigns that did a terrific job in communicating the CSR strategy.
Thomas Kolster’s book is plea that CSR should not only be a strategy on corporate level but
also – and even better – at a branded communication level.

Trust as a marketing communication strategy

The new book of bestselling authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Extreme Trust, focuses on honesty as a competitive advantage. They translate trust into trustability and trustworthy into ‘doing the right thing’ and ‘doing things right’. They make the important point that trust should not be limited to a policy statement. It must be company culture and every employee should breathe trustabitlity and honesty. How do you measure company culture? Company culture is what employees do when no one‘s looking…

Understand your consumer's online behaviour before developping your marketing communication online 

Webs of Influence from Nathalie Nahai off ers a thorough understanding of the online behaviour of consumers: what makes them click? Once you understand why your consumer behaves the way he or she does, you can adapt your online presence and communication strategy to optimize them doing what you want them to do. ‘Gamifying’ real-life shopping is one amongst many other suggested strategies.

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